It’s a busy time of the year for Shape Machining Ltd. But they still insist that any patterns they machine are fully protected prior to shipping to customers.

Managing Director, Peter McCool, said “The team at Shape know that our customers value the quality of the patterns we machine. So we take great care to ensure they are well wrapped and protected before they are shipped or collected.”

At Shape all patterns are double wrapped in bubble wrap with all sharp corners or special features given extra protection.

Shape expects every pattern to arrive with the customer in the same condition that it leaves the factory.

McCool continued “It’s not just the customer who would be disappointed if one of our parts was damaged during delivery. Every member of our team has worked hard to ensure the quality and standard of every part we make is of the highest quality. We would all be disappointed if something we had worked so hard on was damaged in transit.”

Now that Shape has developed a class leading process for packing patterns. The team is now focused on setting a new standard for the packaging and delivery of fragile Rohacell foam parts.

Contact Shape at quote@shape-group.com for further information.


(image of a well packaged pattern about to be delivered to a customer)

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