SHAPE has many years experience designing composite tooling for a wide range of carbon composite parts. Our designers have aerospace, automotive and F1 tooling design experience.

The main types of tooling for carbon composite parts are:

  1. Direct metallic moulds
  2. Carbon fibre moulds made off epoxy tooling board patterns
  3. Direct tooling block moulds

SHAPE can advise on the most suitable tooling choice for your application and can directly oversee and project manage all aspects of tool manufacture.

SHAPE can advise upon the growing range of material options for composite moulds and pattern boards which are used to manufacture fibre reinforced plastic components.  SHAPE also has the capability to design metallic tools for press moulding, forming and composite moulds where higher volumes are required.


Innovation is what drives SHAPE and the ability to push engineering boundaries with R&D to develop novel technologies and processes for the benefit of our customers and the industry.

Collaboration and developing strong partnerships ensures the benefits of our innovation are passed on quickly and directly to our customers and suppliers for the benefit of every party.

Automation is key to manufacturing efficiency and all the manufacturing processes developed at SHAPE are fully automatable to ensure the highest levels of quality, repeatability, speed and efficiency.