SHAPE Machining Ltd was founded by former F1 Chief Designer Peter McCool to provide precision composite machined tooling to the motorsport, automotive and aerospace industries and the growing number of other sectors requiring complex composite tooling.

SHAPE started as a multi-axis advanced technology machining company to support the carbon composite manufacturing sector. Recent expansion has seen the addition of an Engineering team, with CAD and Engineering project management skills and a Composites manufacturing team for carbon thermoset and thermoplastic R&D, low volume part manufacture and hot press forming for higher volumes.
Financial backing for the company comes from a team of international investors with many years experience developing and guiding cutting edge manufacturing companies to many years of sustained success.

SHAPE is able to provide clients with unrivalled service because of the depth of experience and expertise in the team:
Peter has more than 25 years experience in aerospace and automotive engineering. He has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and has worked for many of the UK’s leading engineering companies, including British Aerospace and Mclaren. During his Engineering career he has designed a wide range of composite components and their associated tooling. He has also setup and managed engineering teams and driven innovation across a number of high technology sectors.

He is joined by a team of experienced Composite Engineers, CAD designers, CNC programmers, machinists and pattern makers with F1, automotive and aerospace experience. The company invests in only the latest technologies in CAD, multi-axis machining, automated fibre placement and hot press forming as well as ensuring that the traditional prepreg laminating and curing techniques are kept up to date.

SHAPE therefore combines experience and knowledge with cutting edge technologies and a wide manufacturing capability.