SHAPE designers are here to support your project CAD requirements. SHAPE use surface and solid modelling techniques for all aspects of the part or tool design process to ensure the highest quality part integrity. This extensive design experience, across a range of industries, means all down stream manufacturing processes can be controlled and measured to the highest standard.

The manufacturing and engineering teams at SHAPE use industry leading CATIA software tools to generate parametric 3D or 2D design data and CNC program manufacturing data. This occurs either from scratch or via customer files. SHAPE is able to work with native CATIA files, .stp, .igs, and .dxf files.


Innovation is what drives SHAPE and the ability to push engineering boundaries with R&D to develop novel technologies and processes for the benefit of our customers and the industry.

Collaboration and developing strong partnerships ensures the benefits of our innovation are passed on quickly and directly to our customers and suppliers for the benefit of every party.

Automation is key to manufacturing efficiency and all the manufacturing processes developed at SHAPE are fully automatable to ensure the highest levels of quality, repeatability, speed and efficiency.