Shape Machining Ltd machines a wide variety of non-metallic materials for a wide range of customers across all industry sectors.

Managing Director, Peter McCool, said “Since the company started, nearly 5 years ago, we have always tried to expand the range of materials we can machine. We machine all types of epoxy tooling block, PU styling board and Rohacell foam. But recent machining parameter trials have proved really successful and allowed us to take on an even greater range of non-metallic materials for our customers.”

Shape primarily machines complex patterns, moulds, jigs & fixtures from epoxy tooling boards and intricate composite cores from Rohacell foam.

McCool continued “When a customer has difficulty machining a particular material we like them to come to us. We have confidence that our processes, our experience and our CNC machines will solve their problem for them.”

Shape has developed a class leading process for machining parameter material characterisation.

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(image of a sample of tooling & modelling blocks machined at Shape)

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