Shape Machining Ltd specialises in complex machining to support the composites industry.

Machining intricate Rohacell structural foam cores for highly loaded carbon composite parts is one area where Shape has extensive experience.

Managing Director, Peter McCool, said “Our customers rely on the quality of the Rohacell parts we machine, so we take great pride in knowing that we are the supplier of choice when it comes to such detailed and intricate parts.

Many of our customers have extensive procedures detailing the handling, storing and machining requirements for Rohacell and we are always happy to meet their quality requirements.”

Rohacell is a closed cell rigid PMI foam typically used as the structural core material between two skins of carbon fibre. It is extensively used in the medical, F1 and aerospace sectors.

McCool added “we have machined all grades of Rohacell for all industry sectors and plan to grow the amount of capacity we have in the business to meet the growing demand for Rohacell machined cores. We take great pride in quality of the machined cores we supply.”

Shape have developed a number of techniques that enable even the most complex 3D parts to be machined.

SHAPE Machining specialises in machining metallic tools, epoxy tooling block patterns, Rohacell foams and the trimming of carbon fibre parts for the automotive, motorsport and aerospace industry.

SHAPE Engineering offers a full range of design, analysis and project management services to support composite part and tool manufacturing projects.

SHAPE Composites supplies thermoset and thermoplastic composite preforms and parts ranging from bespoke autoclave cured carbon parts to larger volumes of hot pressed formed carbon parts.

ShapeTex – Optimised carbon fibre preform design & manufacture

(image of machined Rohacell parts)

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