Shape Machining Ltd (SHAPE) have successfully implemented new Advanced Planning & Scheduling software from The Access Group. “Access Orchestrate” is a production scheduling solution used by large and small organisations including the pharmaceutical industry for complex planning and on-time deliveries.

SHAPE have trialled the software over the previous months and is now using the software for proactive planning to meet tight customer deadlines.

Ryan Muller, Managing Director said “We are really seeing the improvements of using the software from The Access Group. We can log onto the Workspace website and see the status of the machines and how our work is flowing through the plant. We are now able to plan to a specific dispatch time, not just a day or week”.

SHAPE has now added all repeat work to the system for extremely rapid planning with the ability to add batch and prototype jobs much more quickly than previous manual spreadsheets.

Muller added “We have already seen the gains of using this software. Being able to tell the customer a time of dispatch rather than a day really makes the difference for them to plan their night or weekend shift when it is required most”.

Image below: Batch of nested patterns for efficient and quick manufacture

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