SHAPE Continues to Machine Automotive CNC Fixtures

Shape Machining Ltd continues to design and manufacture CNC jigs and fixtures for the Automotive industry.

Managing Director, Ryan Muller said “We are delighted to be carrying out the design and manufacture of numerous CNC jigs for a UK Automotive OEM. These fixtures range from low volume medium density PU / ring seal jigs to high volume, high density PU / Aluminium plate jigs with zoned manifold routing.

For the prototyping stage we have also been asked to CNC trim the moulded Carbon components to aid the customer for a quick turnaround”.

As well as the design and manufacture of jigs and fixtures, SHAPE also offer a CNC trimming service for a variety of composite materials.

For more information on the services offered by Shape, please contact

Image below: Medium density PU fixture with vacuum channels connected in series

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