A full night shift is in place at Shape Machining Ltd and will operate all year round.

Managing Director, Peter McCool, said “It is a significant achievement that we have a fully operating team of programmers and machine operators working all through the night. This gives us 24hr a day machining capability from Monday to Thursday, which along with our existing 12hr shift on Friday, Saturday and Sunday gives us great capacity and coverage.”

Shape added the nightshift as part of the continued strategy to give customers more capacity and a faster turnaround.

McCool added “We want to be the ‘go-to’ company for composite companies that want high quality, CNC machined patterns and moulds.”

Shape Machining supplies high quality patterns to all sectors of the carbon composites industry.


SHAPE Machining specialises in machining metallic tools, epoxy tooling block patterns and Rohacell foams for the automotive, motorsport and aerospace industry.

SHAPE Engineering offers a full range of design, analysis and project management services to support composite part and tool manufacturing projects.

SHAPE Composites supplies thermoset and thermoplastic composite parts using fully automated, press forming technology for high volume applications.

ShapeTex – Optimised carbon fibre preform design & manufacture

(image of the Shape factory at night)

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