SHAPE offers a range of carbon composite manufacturing processes.

SHAPE supplies composites ranging from bespoke prepreg autoclave cured thermosets to automated hot press formed thermoplastic parts.

Under the ShapeTex brand highly optimised carbon fibre preforms are supplied for a range of uses. The ability to lay and align fibres with a high degree of accuracy and with very few geometrical constraints results in composite parts that are optimised for strength, stiffness and efficiency that is just not possible with traditional fabric based carbon fibre. SHAPE has the design and analysis knowledge that ensures ShapeTex preforms are fully optimised for maximum structural performance, minimum material waste and maximum manufacturing efficiency.

The Composites team at SHAPE have developed an automated method of manufacturing thermoplastic composite parts for high production volumes.

The continued investment in capital equipment will ensure that the technology developed by SHAPE will bring efficiency and costs benefits to high volume composite part manufacture.


Innovation is what drives SHAPE and the ability to push engineering boundaries with R&D to develop novel technologies and processes for the benefit of our customers and the industry.

Collaboration and developing strong partnerships ensures the benefits of our innovation are passed on quickly and directly to our customers and suppliers for the benefit of every party.

Automation is key to manufacturing efficiency and all the manufacturing processes developed at SHAPE are fully automatable to ensure the highest levels of quality, repeatability, speed and efficiency.